If you are young developer or programmer then you will be thinking to sell mobile apps that are development in Android. Your apps are 99% finished thus you have to investigate or find ways to  Sell Android Source Codes.  We are also sure that brilliant minds can give perfect ideas and advice.  AppnGame tries to give some option or advices, hope you will act on these tips.


Strategies to Sell Android Source Codes

  1. Is it more profitable to sell these apps without any profit with ads or to sell without ads? May be it is combination of free and paid version.
  2. If you give away mobile app for free with ads on it is suitable to ignore bending over backwards to help it?
  3. How much privacy effects on potential sales? Should any hard work be put towards ignoring it?
  4. Can you generate revenue from your app if you have created it as open source? Could you make more profit from attention you will get by doing so?
  5. Is market of Google’s Android rally perfect place to release these apps?
  6. It is worthwhile and enough to manage a developer’s site or blog to keep audience updated on software release and development progress.

Any other suggestion you can give me to raise profit meanwhile keeping audience happy and see for more would be appreciated. AppnGame likes to share tips and trick with their regular users. If you like these tips then must apply it step by step on your company to Sell Android Source Codes.  Marketing statistics, retrospect of developer and any other experience you may share from selling Android apps is what we like to see most.

You must have an idea is it profitable and perfect solution for programmers because by using a method you are generating money with any version of distributed app.  Is it profitable to sell app with free apps or without cost? If you are known about marketing and sales then you can make a lot of money. If your mobile app, game or content you can get it far. Apps or games can be simple, however when they are broken. Making great app is important.

Monetization is also important step for Android apps; you may generate money to show ads, you may charge money for app itself, or you may be paid. You may pay as consultants to make money. Advertising is also important. You can sign-up for an account with supported network, type in ID that they have for Android project settings and publish mobile app with network enabled. One of direct way of monetization is to charge money for mobile apps. The common approach is very simple you just publish it and sign-up for Google merchant a/c and write the price.

It can be easy for you to place mobile app and set it for sale in markets like App’s store and Amazon. You may adjust Andromo app for Amazon compliance to change the target settings on mobile app infor tab in project. The main step is to help customers search your mobile app. There are some methods to accomplish it, by using social network like Facebook and twitter.

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